Providing Dream Vacations For A Day…A Week…A Lifetime

Since 1991, FantaSea Resorts has enriched lives by providing affordable, dream vacation opportunities to thousands of families in the Tri-State and Delaware Valley. It is our belief that quality downtime should be honored and easily attained, even amidst the most hectic lifestyles.

FantaSea Resorts is proud to be the premier provider of vacation ownership products and services in the Northeast, and one of the largest privately owned hospitality companies in Atlantic City. Ranked with the Better Business Bureau’s highest rating, our portfolio is comprised of three distinct resort properties – Flagship, Atlantic Palace and La Sammana – each prominently located in the footprint of the destination’s top attractions.

With 45,000 vacation owners and growing, FantaSea Resorts supports its mission through strategic alliances with leaders in worldwide tourism and progressive development in Atlantic City. Our timeshare exchange partnerships allow vacationers to exchange their weeks anywhere around the world and to choose from over thousands of affiliated resorts in over 100 countries.

Dream Smart

As an advocate for downtime, FantaSea Resorts firmly believes that vacations should fulfill dreams, occur frequently, and not break the bank. Playtime, connection, and shared experiences are vital to happiness and getaways afford us the opportunity to focus on what matters most.

The FantaSea Resorts family is a passionate organization dedicated to delivering memorable vacation experiences. We understand that your downtime is precious and work in harmony to exceed expectations and maintain a comfortable retreat to which you can return to time and time again.

Think of us as your home away from home.


Chief Executive Officer Bruce Kaye and wife Deborah Kaye have been in the hospitality 
and vacation ownership industry for over thirty-five years. Since establishing FantaSea Resorts in Atlantic City in 1991, they have expanded their brand, grown their portfolio of properties, increased their owner base, and invested in their rooted interests in the Northeast. Their commitment to deliver a high level of personal service has allowed the company to thrive and reach 45,000 Owner families and countless leisure guests. Their dedication lies in providing vacation products that offer access to the affordability and convenience of vacation ownership, and the opportunity to travel to other parts of the world.

Bruce & Deborah Kaye


Roxanne is Chief Operating Officer at FantaSea Resorts. Her role with the company began ten years ago. After graduating from the school of law from Widener University in Delaware, she went on to form part of In House Council at FantaSea Resorts. In her current role, she oversees all operational departments throughout the company and its three resort properties.

Roxanne Passarella

Chief Operating Officer


“FantaSea Resorts is committed to the growth of Atlantic City and supports the philanthropic work of local and national organizations that directly benefit the community. As an advocate for children’s support groups, the company has partnered with the Atlantic City Boys and Girls Club and founded its Champions of Youth program which offers mentorship opportunities, case management advocacy, tutoring, community building, health related support and college/career counseling to high school students. FantaSea Resorts is also a supporter of the organization Pass It On, founded by a former employee of the company. Pass It On is a local outreach program that assists dozens of homeless people living in area motels by locating affordable housing opportunities and providing transitional assistance.”


If you are driven, enjoy working with people and have a winning personality, we want to hear from you! The FantaSea Resorts group of vacation ownership, resort and hotel companies is an equal opportunity employer and offers a wide range of opportunities in sales & marketing, guest services, hospitality, administration, restaurant services, and IT.

While industry experience is a big plus, the right qualities will earn you a spot on our team. We want the best of the best and are willing to work with those who show potential to maximize their abilities to achieve success. FantaSea Resorts offers competitive salaries and a comprehensive hiring package, which includes benefits, paid training programs, and long-term opportunities.